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Mmina Gaebonwe launches a creative hub

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The site features an art space that shares the works of all creatives in Botswana, be it paintings, sculptures, fashion or print media with all proceeds going directly to the artist


Top model and the first winner of Gemstone Model Search competition, Mmina Gaebonwe officially introduced her website which is a creative hub that will be used to share knowledge and ideas with the youth in the creative and fashion industry.
According to Gaebonwe the platform targets writers, bloggers, make-up artists, photographers among others, and educates them on how to use their talents to build internationally recognized brands and careers as well as generating wealth in the digital world.
“We are cultivating an environment where young Batswana create employment and sustain themselves right here in Botswana. And my website www.mminagaebonwe.com creates a supportive climate for the incubation and development of young talent,” she said.
The site features an art space that shares the works of all creatives in Botswana, be it paintings, sculptures, fashion or print media with all proceeds directly going to the artist. The goal is to help all types of work become easily available from the actual artists themselves. This is a way to showcase Botswana to international markets. “Social networks are an extraordinarily important part of millennials because in the digital space, we have found ways to express ourselves, ways to build relationships, access news and build relationships,” she added.
Gaebonwe said that in the UK alone, 1 in 30 people are freelance, and not working in a formal job and creative hubs are spaces where unlikely allies are made. “The hubs may take different forms, but they have one thing in common, they allow the youth to generate wealth.” she said.
The website also features a diary where the EmModels Agency owner shares her thoughts and ideas with young models and creatives. EmModels was established and started to fill a gap in the market in Botswana, to provide management and represent aspiring models in Botswana.
“This is where I get to share my life experiences in the industry because what we usually expect is not what usually happens when you join the industry. Therefore I am offering an insight on the reality of what really happens to young aspiring models and creatives,” said the Johannesburg based model.
There are other features that detail Gaebonwe’s modeling and television career.  She started a campaign in 2013 called ModelsCare, which sees models  and beauty queens come together and support different charity organizations.
ModelsCare has successfully raised awareness for different organizations such as Bomme Maun Mothers, Solomon Dihutso Primary School (school for disabled children) and a few more.

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