Rough Diamond: The Story Of Thea Khama

Exploring Beauty, Despair, Rage & Truth in a Rare Life-Changing Way

Thea Khama shares her story in “Rough Diamond”. The darkness of youth and young womanhood seen through the lens of soul songs, always with enough love to keep her moving. As Thea finds spirituality and her life transforms into something magical, the diamond emerges out of the rough.

Rough Diamond is a poignant story of one woman’s discovery of self and the spiritual world. The book covers Thea’s life from birth through adolescence to her early twenties, and is told through soul songs. Thea shares the light and darkness of her journey in discovering her place in the unknown mysteries of the world. With an emphasis on love’s universal language of healing, Thea tells her story of endurance and pain, but also of the unspoken connections that link all people together; for every aching memory there is another of hope and kindness.

In Thea Khama’s own words, “My story tells how I experienced adoption, displacement, and being an only child of a broken family. My story is about all the turmoil that made me who I am today. This narrative is meant to bring you closer to your heart, to open up your point of view, and to radiate compassion for the inner child and adolescent that rages, slumbers, plays and dreams in every one of us.”

Rough Diamond inevitably relates how young Thea met her future husband Tshekedi, her introduction to the Khama family and how she found her own path in Botswana, a country she has called home ever since.

In addition to her work as an author, Thea is a philanthropist, mentor and coach.

Set to make waves in Botswana and abroad, the moving book is scheduled for a Closed Group Launch for the media and selected publishers on the 20th November 2020, followed by a Virtual Live Launch on the 29th November 2020 via Webinar.

About Thea Khama

Thea Khama was born in 1970, in Hayward, California, USA. She settled in Botswana in 1988. Thea is married to Member of Parliament for Serowe West Hon. Tshekedi Khama. The couple is blessed with two children; Kaedi Sekgoma and Tahlia Naledi. The author is a conservationist, philanthropist, mentor and coach. She is a cycling enthusiast and a dedicated aficionado of creative and fine arts including painting, singing and playing the guitar.