BERA Gives Shumba The Thumbs Up For Tati Solar Project

  •  Shumba in late stages of Phase 1
  • Sits on 4.5bn tons of thermal coal


Botswana Energy Regulatory Authority (BERA) has granted Shumba Energy permission to construct a 100MW solar project in Tati near Francistown, The BW&R has established.
Listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) and the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM), Shumba Energy is a Botswana-based, locally-owned coal and energy development company. In recent years, Shumba has progressed from an exploration company to a development company and sits on over 4.5 billion tons of thermal coal. As a major industry player, Shumba Energy’s mission is to satisfy the growing energy demand in the SADC region through various strategies.

Commenting on the authorisation for the 100MW Tati Solar Project that they received from BERA, the CEO of Shumba, Mashale Phumaphi, said; “Following the recent receipt of an Environmental Authorisation at the project, we are very pleased to have now also attained the very crucial milestone of receiving a Generation Licence for the development. Our objective is to build Botswana’s first large scale solar plant as a blueprint for a greener, environmentally friendly, sustainable future in our severely energy deficit region.”

The company is currently in the late stages of developing Phase 1, a 50 MW Solar farm on a project site of 300 hectares. The project is part of a two-phase programme to develop the full 100MW solar capacity of the site as a key strategic initiative in the region.