Botswana Insurance Company (BIC) has embarked on a brand identity transformation adopting its Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited (BIHL) group symbol of a bull. The brand refresh saw BIC recently revealing its new logo which celebrates the company’s history, values and vision. Minister of Investment Trade and Industry Bogolo Kenewendo who was the guest of honor at the brand refresh event held at Masa Square Hotel applauded the move and challenged the brand to go further. “We take pride when heritage brands such as Botswana Insurance Company revamp and refresh their mandate for a renewed purpose and cause but still rooted on their legacy and heritage. We live in a highly competitive global market where firms, industries and countries alike reflect on their natural endowments and more to deliver value,” said the Minister Kenewendo during the event.

Blended with a new strategic focus for its competitiveness and aggressive market penetration goals, BIC rebranded to usher a new direction for the future and modernity yet balancing it with its heritage. It was not only the minister who was impressed and endorsed BIC after witnessing the insurance company’s rebranding move. Sanlam Pan Africa Regional Executive, Margaret Dawes also endorsed BIC and did not shy away to express it in words. “As everything else in life, over time a brand must evolve and cosmetic changes may be necessary at some point in the life of a brand.

“We usher in a new brand created from the very core of our purpose – Making life better. We bow to our founding predecessors, architects of this beast that has led the market for decades, changed lives and inspired generations of men and women who followed the path to insurance before anyone knew what insurance is. We were the ones who defined it and taught it to the market and industry alike,” said BIC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Newton Jazire during the new brand launch.