Botswana Diamonds Makes More Discoveries In SA

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BSE-listed company Botswana Diamonds PLC (BoD) has announced the discovery of a new kimberlite “blow,” a small pipe located on their Thorny River project in South Africa.
BOD is a diamond exploration and project development company that holds exploration licences in Botswana and South Africa. The company has a successful track record of discovery and is the one that helped discover the Karowe Mine in Orapa that produces extremely high value stones.
In line with their track record, BOD has made yet another discovery in the course of their recent drilling programme that covers a target area of 0.4 hectares.
“A total of six holes were drilled in the Thorny River area,” said the company in a statement.
The statement refers to a combined total of 39.5m intersected kimberlite while an additional 55m intersected a weathered kimberlite breccia. The best hole contained a down-the-hole (at 45 degrees dip) intersection of kimberlite and kimberlite breccia of 19m.  Both kimberlite and kimberlite breccia are being analyzed for diamonds and indicators.  “We have enough data to construct a preliminary 3D model of the resource and to estimate kimberlite volumes. Following this, we will perform core drilling to confirm the precise geology and kimberlite profile,” the statement said.
BOD Chairperson John Teeling said it is significant as the nearby Marsfontein (0.4 hectares) and Sugarbird (0.5 hectares) blows were extremely profitable diamond-producing operations. “We are moving forward with a programme to define the extent of this new resource, particularly as the diamond grades are known to be consistent across the whole area,” he said.