BotswanaPost opens 4 post offices in Sefalana stores

BotswanaPost and Sefalana Group in an effort to set “the new order”, the “new normal” has taken to broaden the scope of their collaboration. This is following on the successful “testing phase” of the Sefalana Online Shopping Pilot Project which enables the public to conveniently shop online at select Sefalana stores and have their goods delivered at their preferred locations through logistical support provided by BotswanaPost.
BotswanaPost has, as part of our strategic growth, opened 4 Post Offices within 4 strategically located stores in – Sefalana Hyper, Gaborone west, Nkoyaphiri and Tlokweng Sefalana stores. Sefalana has on its own demonstrated unquestionable capability coupled with their boldness to   grow their portfolio and client base especially in the retail sector as one of the visible retail giants. BotswanaPost on the one hand has built great Brand Value and equity through amongst others our multi-channel and partnership strategy.
BotswanaPost is in all major business centres – Urban and Semi-urban, a logical arrangement for both Sefalana and us. The Sefalana post offices are intended to increase accessibility to the wide range of products and services offered by BotswanaPost and enhance the customer’s shopping experience. “In the midst of their shopping routine customers are now able to, Renew their post boxes, send and receive money, renew vehicle licences and pay for their water bills at these Sefalana stores” says General Manager, Marketing and Communications- Lebogang Bok. “These post offices will however not sell products that are being sold in Sefalana stores such as airtime, electricity and stationary,” Bok adds. Currently 3 (three) of the post offices, Sefalana Hyper, Gaborone West and Nkoyaphiri, are operational while Tlokweng is still under construction. Both BotswanaPost and Sefalana envisage a fruitful future that will see more post offices being opened, thus enhancing the portfolios of the two.