Diamond Miner Points To Potential For New Diamond Discoveries

  • BOD owns two prospecting licences in the Kalahari
  • Has been active in discovery of large stones


BSE-listed Botswana Diamonds PLC (BOD) believes there is the potential for significant new diamond discoveries in the Kalahari Desert, the company’s Managing Director (MD), James Campbell, has said.

BOD is a diamond exploration and project development company that holds exploration licences in Botswana and South Africa. The company has a successful track record of discovery and is the one that helped discover Karowe Mine in Orapa that produces extremely high value stones. The company now believes more diamonds can be recovered in the Kalahari.

“We have quietly built exploration acreage while partnering with Diamexstrat and Burgundy Diamond Mining to finance exploration,” Campbell said in a statement. “Until recently, many thought that logistics and water challenges on this acreage could not be overcome.

However, operational progress at nearby Ghaghoo Mine have transformed the situation: much of the set-up costs have already been incurred and incremental discoveries may therefore be potentially developed at lower cost and risk.”

Meanwhile, prospecting licences PL232 and PL235 of 2015 owned by subsidiary Sunland Minerals have been renewed for a two-year period starting October 1. The licences form part of BOD’s joint venture with Diamexstrat and Burgundy Diamond Mining. According to Campbell, recent aeromagnetic surveys followed by targeted ground magnetic surveys and soil sampling have identified drill targets on the PLs. P
L232 and 235 are 60 and 164 square kilometers respectively.

They are situated to the west of the Ghaghoo Diamond Mine in the central Kalahari and are considered highly prospective.“The nearest kimberlite to these licences is Go194 (part of the Gope or Ghaghoo kimberlite pipe cluster) close to the south-eastern point of PL235, which is 20km from the Ghaghoo Diamond Mine where Botswana Diamonds holds
an interest and is the operator,” said Campbell.

“There is considerable infrastructure at Ghaghoo, which will facilitate servicing a drilling campaign. The economics of any discovery on the ground will be improved by the closeness of an existing mine. The Environmental Management Plan for future drilling has been completed and approved.”