FirstCred To Launch Educative Podcast

Microfinace group is keen to bring the youth into the ken of financial matters

Leading Microfinance banking group FirstCred Limited will launch a weekly podcast on financial investment matters next month, The Botswana Gazette has established.

“The podcast will offer insights from multiple experts and share important, valuable information in each episode that helps listeners to understand their finances better,” said FirstCred Chief Operations Officer Ambrose Batswalelang. “We decided to take the podcast route because increasingly, business people are using podcasts to stay on top of trends.

“After all, it’s the most time-efficient way to get educated. As a financial service player, FirstCred believes that financially-literate consumers not only manage money with more confidence but also have a better chance of handling the inevitable ups and downs of their financial lives by understanding how to prevent and manage issues as they arise.”
The FirstCred Podcast, as it will be known, will touch on various issues such as Saving Money, Budgeting and Smart Spending, Managing Debt and Utilising Credit. This move makes FirstCred Limited one of the first financial services providers in Botswana to have such a platform for the public.

According to a Statista survey, almost 75 percent of podcast listeners want to learn new things. Therefore, podcasting is a great way to reach a busy audience looking for information entertained. “This is a podcast for everyone interest in financial investment matters,” Batsalelwang noted.

“It’s not directed only to FirstCred Limited clients but the general public so they get to learn more about financial investment issues because they play a major role in their lives and the country’s economy. We hope that this will be an effective tool that can strengthen an individual’s financial literacy, especially the youth.”

The BSE-listed microfinance banking group has previously done similar initiatives that aim to educate the general public on financial matters. These initiatives have also been taken to tertiary institutions to equip the youth with financial knowledge.