FNB Redefines Help

FNB is redefining “help” with a refreshed brand positioning that focuses on providing help that goes beyond products and services to deliver an enhanced experience for customers, stakeholders and staff.
With this brand refresh, the bank is going beyond asking customers, “How can we help you?” and going bravely into the space of proactively offering “The help you need – before you know you need it.”
Said First National Bank of Botswana (FNBB) Chief Executive Officer, Steven Lefentse Bogatsu: “FNB is ushering in a new era of re-imagined help that demonstrates the level of expertise the bank has in understanding the evolving market dynamics and pre-emptively offering the innovative solutions that are needed. As the Bank of #TheChangeables, we know what it means to be bold in the face of change and to offer products and services that allow our partners to withstand those changes.
“As part of the FirstRand Group, we are proud to be part of this revolutionary brand that has transformed the way our customers bank throughout the years and the positive change contributed to communities. We are excited about entering a new era that redefines help to make a positive impact in the lives of customers, their families and businesses.”
Reimagining user experience
The FNB App, Africa’s first banking app, has been redesigned to offer even more intuitive help through its ease of use and a safer digital experience. We have listened to our customers and have set out on a journey of a new user experience underpinned by personalisation. Customers can now personalise their FNB App by customising its home screen and selecting frequently used or preferred features.
Customers can also view a snapshot of their transactional accounts, credit, investments, insurance and value-added services. In addition, the search function has been improved to help customers find services much quicker. Similar enhancements are being made to the Internet banking channel.
FNBB has pioneered banking solutions and grown its footprint in the 31 years of its operations in Botswana, making banking more accessible. It has provided banking channels that have transformed not only the banking industry but contributed to the creation of new technologies across a variety of other industries such as telecommunications, retail and mining, to name a few.
Our efforts to transition beyond banking are still deeply rooted in our promise of helping customers with advice they can trust, solutions that are easy to use and safe, and a brand that is relevant at every life stage. Our journey to help customers navigate life is similar to the versatile Acacia tree that has been deeply rooted within our brand and continues to grow and thrive, withstanding the test of timeOver the last five years, we have had a consistent brand application for FNB, which has enabled the bank to establish a strong brand presence and overwhelming recognition in the market. This we have done through financial inclusion where we have successfully extended banking services to more remote locations through CashPlus Agents. Our CashPlus Agents grew by 81 %, while CashPlus transaction volumes increased by 137% to the value of P 1.9 billion. The bank also continues to register growth across all digital platforms as customers appreciate the ease of electronic transactions as well as the option to serve themselves in the form of convenient, value-added service. An estimated 96 % of our customers use one of our digital channels with 44 % taking usage of the FNB App.
Within the three decades the bank has existed in Botswana, FNBB has grown to understand the customer(s)’ lifestyle, their ambitions, and their potential and delivered contextual solutions that have elevated FNBB as more than a bank but a trusted financial partner. “As the nation grapples with the residual effects of recent global events, it’s important that FNBB positions itself as a future-forward partner that not only has the digital prowess but an empathetic approach to empowering and facilitating sustainable growth for our customers and stakeholders,” said Bogatsu. “This refreshed identity also provides our staff an opportunity to upskill themselves and further enhance their intuition and talent in an effort to maintain our service excellence.”
The timing of the new brand refresh aligns with the significant transformation that is taking place across the bank in South Africa and other African countries. The new brand identity embodies the renewed sense of purpose, energy and enthusiasm of all FNB Botswana employees, which is indicative of a company that is constantly changing and evolving to provide the best products and services to all Batswana.
Reimagining our iconic brand
The FNB brand icon of the Acacia tree with the African sunset behind it has evolved today to become more indicative of a brand that not only embraces change but also encourages it and leads it in order to best meet the changing needs of customers. FNBB has refreshed its beloved tree into a beacon of innovation for the future. The updated iconic tree of FNBB remains the place of protection and interaction of our nation, although today we sit in its shade and bank on our phones without having to walk for miles to make payments or receive money. The warm African sun continues to cover and warm the resilient FNBB tree, lighting the way towards change for the better and encouraging the unlocking of opportunities and potential for all customers and for Botswana as a whole.
Said FNB Botswana Marketing & Communications­ Director, Peo Porogo: “The new positioning marks a renewed energy not only for us as a bank but for our customers as we look to roll out a suite of products and services that will advance their banking experience with us. At FNBB, we are problem solvers and we push ourselves to be better on behalf of our customers, each other and our community. We challenge ourselves to push for new answers and keep thinking and innovating. This is an exciting milestone in our continued journey with Batswana as the Bank that understands that when change happens, we can help.”
The new brand refresh will be rolled out across the country in the coming weeks and includes a brand upgrade of the FNB website and the FNB App, providing an easy, safe and helpfully enhanced experience to customers and a valuable resource for the bank to bring positive change to the world of banking and beyond.
We stand here to say, “Change needs you because our excellence exists in our collaborative effort to make a positive impact in Botswana.”