ICT is Key to Botswana’s Economy – Masisi

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  • Praises Orange Botswana for enabling the Internet of Things 
  • Says 5G technology off ers immense opportunities


Information Telecommunications Technology (ICT) has the power to unlock opportunities across a spectrum of sectors, including financial services, healthcare sector and the communications space, President Mokgweetsi Masisi has said.

“It is through ICT that individuals, organisations and businesses are able to be more efficient, more connected and more empowered to do more, deliver more and create more,” the President said at the launch of the Orange Botswana 5G technology in Gaborone recently.

Well-being of society
“ICT and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR,) the age of digital transformation and the Internet of Things – all these, work to collectively ensure and provide governments and the private sector with possibilities of improvement in efficiency, productivity, economic growth and the well-being of society.

“We cannot afford to be left behind. We will not be left behind.”
President Masisi noted how his government has established a number of programmes and projects that prioritise digitalisation.

“Indeed, digitalisation is the third priority in our Reset Agenda, for we recognise that it has the immense potential to unlock and enable high productivity among our people,” he said.

“The global village runs on the wheels of digitalisation, and this is quintessential to the delivery of services to our people. We have seen the proverbial wheels set in motion through, for example, the transformation of Botswana Innovation Hub to Botswana Digital and Innovation Hub.”

Furthermore, President Masisi noted that Batswana are hungry to be connected to the Internet and demand for data and data-driven platforms and solutions are growing faster than ever before.

“For personal, community and business needs, the demands and opportunities are equally incredible,” he said. “What is key to remember is that we do not lack the means to invest in these technologies.

Critical skills
“What we do need to focus on is how we address the critical skills needed to transform the social value we place on digital transformation and transform this to real socio-economic impact.”

The President praised Orange Botswana for launching 5G technology, stating the company is fulfilling expectations and duties to support the industry as a corporate citizen.

“5G technology offers immense opportunities for businesses, citizens and the government,” he noted. “5G accords data by sensors which will translate into businesses that will develop applications and services from these.

“This Internet of Things, enhanced by 5G, will facilitate the transformation of agricultural services, healthcare, and other essential services that will directly benefit citizens of Botswana.”