Introducing Sarona Health

The gaps in health care that were revealed when Botswana’s medical infrastructure was overstretched at the height of the COVID onslaught became an opportunity for young doctors to from a much-needed co-op


A consortium of youthful medical practioners has opened doors to a new clinic, Sarona Health, to help close healthcare delivery gaps.
Offering a full bouquet of services under one roof, the medical health establishment houses a general practitioner medical doctor, a nutritionist, and counseling. A dentist, a physiotherapist, X-Ray and ultrasound radiology services are set to start operating by the end of March.
“Healthcare delivery in Botswana has proven to be a challenge over the years, owing to limited resources, both human and equipment,” said Sarona Health Medical Director, Dr Rapelang Archim Kelaotswe.
“This has therefore jeopardised the healthcare system’s efforts to facilitate swift access to proper medical services.”
With vast experience in the medical field, Dr Kelaotswe said the health sector burden has been felt more in government facilities, adding that the situation gives Sarona Health the liberty to explore different avenues in acquiring and availing these scarce resources.
“We have set a target for ourselves to be a force that will add impetus in the local health sector,” he said.
Sarona Health intends to establish working relationships with other healthcare providers in both private and government facilities to ensure quality services for Batswana.
“We aspire to be the industry standard for excellence in private health service provision because since the resurgence of COVID-19, it became clear that Botswana’s health sector can get overwhelmed while a significant demographic of patients requires convenient and quality health care,” Dr Kelaotswe noted.
Located in the new Sarona City Mall, the clinic is already attracting clients from various communities. Sarona Clinic looks ahead with a promise of quality healthcare aiming to not only provide primary healthcare but to tailor-make services for clients, both corporate and individuals.