Let’s Tuck In

Look no further for meals prepared with love as Stephie’s Tiny Corner is at your service. Describing herself as a person with an upbeat attitude and creative as well as artistic mind, Ophelia Mathake is a lover of all things, food.


Her love for food and beautiful things propelled her to give birth to Stephie’s Tiny Corner. The 24 year old mother of one who hails from Mmadinare and was raised in Gaborone’s block 9 location, said her elder sister loved décor and her best friend loved flowers and because she could not afford any of these, she started making her own and thus cooking, doing décor and arranging flowers. Quizzed on how the name Stephie’s Tiny Corner came about, Mathake said her mom was cleaning in a corner and her daughter jumped on top of her. Her daughter is named Stephie and is always in her mother’s corner, her mother whose name is Tiny. Mathake has over two years in business and already intends to have a recipe book in five years time. She also intends to have her own flower production and do catering and décor for international events.
The young lady also said she always wants to leave people with positive vibrations and as such she prepares her food with love. Her week usually starts on a Tuesday when she gets online to look up warehouses and shops where she can buy stuff for her business. On Wednesdays she usually goes out to buy food and any necessities for her business. Saturdays are her busiest days as she has to attend events and ensure everything is in place.
Furthermore Mathake gets her inspiration from listening to music and she is a very visual person so sometimes the colours her clients wear and scent could give her an idea of the décor she wants and how she wants her food to taste. Her favourite out of town escapades are Mertz and Sofaya in Limpopo, South Africa. These places, she says, are where her grandparents originate from and she is amazed how the tribes there have kept their culture even during the times when technology has taken over the world.