• Leader says fundamental differences with UDC are keeping RAP away
  • RAP will field own candidate in Bonnington North bye-election


The Real Alternative Party (RAP) intends to hold its first-ever elective congress in October this year, The Botswana Gazette has established.

The founding president of the party, Gaontebale Mokgosi, says plans are underway to prepare for the highly-anticipated event.

“In our action plan, we will have youth collective meetings to consolidate structures and establish a youth command team with its own executive committee in the build-up to that congress,” Mokgosi said. “During the state of emergency, our interim youth command team was drafting a constitution. From there we will know that the party has a youth structure.”

A women command structure is in the works, as is a code of conduct forum. “All of what we are preparing to do in the lead-up to the congress should make people to appreciate our presence better,” the RAP leader said. “The congress will also help us to discuss political trends by pinning focus on the BDP-led government’s promises and their achievements so that we can offer alternative solution.”

Asked about joining the UDC, Mokgosi said although it remains critical for all opposition parties to join hands to defeat the BDP, many differences with the throng are driving RAP away from the coalition project.

He called for a minimum programme agreed before opposition parties may come together. “We have our own policies which fundamentally differ from the UDC’s,” he noted. “We even stated before the last general elections that we believe in a universal approach to development. Their MPs are quiet about many issues we deem critical, such as having a government that ensures that the basic needs of an unemployed person are met,” Mokgosi said.