P950K for “Diamonds of Botswana” Stamp Issue 

  • The definitive stamp issue is a partnership between BotswanaPost and Debswana


The “Diamonds of Botswana” definitive stamp issue was wholly sponsored by Debswana Diamond Company at a combined value of P950 000, the Managing Director of Debswana, Andrew Motsomi, has disclosed.

BotswanaPost’s 12th Definitive Stamps Project was launched at the Adrian Gale Museum in Orapa last week.

According to Motsomi, BotswanaPost approached Debswana with the proposal of forging a partnership to promote Botswana diamonds and the idea resonated with Debswana’s historic contribution to national development and current 2024 Strategy.


He recalled that Debswana partnered with BotswanaPost in 2001 to issue a stamp that showcased jewellery as a by-product of Botswana’s diamonds. That, Motsomi noted, like today was delivered seamlessly.

“The current agreement has accommodated more of the diamond story and allowed us to even showcase our milestone successes, such as the large diamond discoveries of recent years, the Okavango Blue and the 1 098 Jwaneng Diamond,” he said.

“The value of such marketing opportunities should not be underestimated, especially for the mining industry, which is constantly grappling with a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment.


“The integrity of Botswana diamonds relies on us as a collective to continually tell our story amidst challenges such as the rise of lab grown diamonds, global conflicts and political instability in other diamond producing nations.

“We are constantly challenged to raise our hand amongst the global masses to declare our diamonds as conflict-free and ethical, and that is not an easy feat for an upper middle-income nation that is dependent on the developed world for the sale of its diamonds.”

Also speaking at the launch, the CEO BotswanaPost, Cornelius Ramatlhakwane, said Debswana’s commitment to communities, environmental stewardship, and the preservation of natural resources aligns perfectly with their vision.

Lasting legacy 

Through their partnership, the two brands have created what will become a lasting legacy that not only celebrates Botswana’s history but also creates opportunities for future generations.

“Through the artistry of stamp design, we have the opportunity to capture the essence of our nation’s history, culture, and natural treasures,” Ramatlhakwane said. “There has been a 12 percent year-on-year growth in stamp sales recorded in FY 2022/23 vs FY2021/22.”

The BotswanaPost and Debswana’s collaboration will also present the world’s philatelic community with an opportunity to learn about Botswana whilst doing something that they love the most – collecting stamps.

The stamps will be showcased to Batswana and around the world for the next five years, thus giving great exposure not only to both brands but, most importantly, to the country.