PPC Botswana Partners with Mabutsane Community for Poverty Eradication 

  • Botlhokwa Products, G.S. Bricks, and Katlego Bricks among businesses in the project
  • Building a warehouse for dressmakers in Molepolole among CSI projects
  • 12 desktop computers donated to Tlhale Primary School in Gumare



Leading cement manufacturer PPC Botswana recently took a significant stride towards community development by joining forces with the community of Mabutsane in technical training initiatives aimed at poverty eradication and uplifting the less privileged.

Situated 120 km outside of Jwaneng, the village of Mabutsane has long grappled with low residential status and limited access to resources.

Recognising alignment between an ongoing poverty eradication project spearheaded by the Mabutsane Sub-District Council and its own brand’s core mandate, PPC Botswana stepped in to lend support.

PPC brand’s core mandate 

PPC Botswana Sales Manager, Cliff Alfred, expressed admiration for the poverty eradication project, stating: ” I am impressed by how well this initiative aligns with our brand’s core mandate of restoring Batswana’s dignity by encouraging them to own and build their own homes. I applaud you for venturing into this endeavour.”

Highlighting the significance of local manufacturing for economic growth, Alfred emphasised the need to protect and nurture the manufacturing industry in Botswana.

“Local manufacturing is the foundation of every great and advancing society,” he said. “When a manufacturing industry is properly invested in, people’s lives are completely transformed.

Better quality of life for all 

“It promotes resilience, a more balanced trade economy, greater fixed investment, but more importantly, a higher standard of living, creating better opportunities and a better quality of life for all Batswana. That is the future we want for the generations that follow us.”

PPC Botswana’s commitment to driving economic growth is exemplified through its Local Enterprise Development Programme, which actively supports the growth and evolution of local manufacturing enterprises.

The programme has already empowered numerous Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) through training and the provision of brickmaking equipment.

Building on this success, PPC Botswana is extending its efforts to Mabutsane by collaborating with businesses such as Botlhokwa Products, G.S. Bricks, and Katlego Bricks.

Unlocking potential 

By nurturing these enterprises with knowledge and expertise, PPC Botswana aims to unlock their potential and create sustainable business opportunities within the community.

Alfred encouraged the people of Mabutsane to build their own houses, emphasising that building and owning a house provides stability and a sense of belonging, offering individuals and families a place to call their own and creating lasting memories.

It also serves as a valuable long-term asset that can provide financial security and independence.

Empowering communities

Beyond economic growth, PPC Botswana recognises the importance of enhancing the quality of life for communities. Through its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) pillar, the company focuses on initiatives that address social and environmental challenges.

The Mabutsane Shed project, aligned with PPC Botswana’s CSI goals, directly contributes to poverty eradication and provides shelter for those in need. By supporting such projects, PPC Botswana empowers communities to improve their living conditions, fostering a sense of belonging, dignity, and hope for a better future.

Notable CSI projects undertaken by PPC Botswana include building a textile manufacturing warehouse for a group of community dressmakers in Molepolole and donating 12 desktop computers and workstations valued at P180,000 to Tlhale Primary School in the Gumare region.