Prophalt Botswana launches ‘Patch Gabs’ PPP initiative

‘Patch Gabs’ will see potholes and roads defects being repaired in and around the city at no cost to government or the Gaborone City Council. 

Prophalt Botswana, a 100% citizen-owned company engendered in the Roads Maintenance and Pothole Repair industry has launched a first of its kind Private, Public, Partnership (PPP) dubbed ‘Patch Gabs’.
Speaking at the launch on Tuesday in Gaborone, the Co-Director of Prophalt Botswana Kagiso Kwelagobe said the ‘Patch Gabs’ initiative was born from a profound desire to play a more meaningful and inclusive role in the transformation of Botswana’s roads infrastructure.  “The ‘Patch Gabs’ initiative brings together the public and private sector, and highlights that great solutions are possible when we all work together,” Kwelagobe said.
He said ‘Patch Gabs’ will see potholes and roads defects being repaired in and around the city at no cost to government or the Gaborone City Council.  Motorists or road users who identify a pothole or defect will be urged to send a report either through the ‘Patch Gabs’ dedicated SMS Line or any of the dedicated Social Media pages.  An acknowledgement would then be sent back and the pothole repaired within a period not exceeding 48 hours.
Kwelagobe further expressed the importance of local innovative and youthful companies coming together and offering creative solutions that could assist government in the delivery of quality and efficient services.  He assured that pothole repairs undertaken by the ‘Patch Gabs’ team will be backed by an 18-month warranty.  Speaking at the same launch, Assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Frans Van Der Westhuizen, commended Prophalt and said government cannot go at it alone, hence the need for partnerships to augment and ease the burden on public funds. He said Public Private Partnerships offer an alternative route for government to develop infrastructure.
The Assistant Minister said that the reality of the condition of roads is that the traffic congestion and lack of discipline by some drivers is exacerbated by the presence of potholes, which when combined, decrease road safety and contribute to the escalating numbers of road accidents. “ In recent times, potholes have become a matter of public concern and a daily irritant to motorists. Potholes are ugly, an eyesore on our roads landscape. They damage vehicles and pose a danger to both pedestrians and motorists alike,” Westhuizen said. Prophalt uses the infrared pothole repair technology which has been hailed as a unique, innovative pothole and road maintenance repair technology. Prophalt Botswana is owned by Kwelagobe and Terence Mulwa, both youthful Batswana.  The “Patch Gabs” initiative is a joint effort in partnership with Yarona FM with the support of the Gaborone City Council and the South East District Council.
“Patch Gabs” is expected to create 8 additional job opportunities for young Batswana. Prophalt Botswana is also the sole accredited provider of the Infra-Red Pothole Repair Technology in Botswana.  The system is a revolutionary Mobile Workshop that provides low cost, eco-friendly, permanent pothole repairs.