Standard Bank Group, parent company to Stanbic Bank Botswana has changed its brand positioning and tagline across Africa and has adopt one that epitomises where it sees its role in Africa today.

“Our customers often ask themselves if their dreams can be. Can it be that I will one day own my dream home? Can it be that I will be able to build enough wealth to take care of my children? Can it be that we can turn a local business into a global player? As their financial partner it is our responsibility and privilege to answer these questions. And we do that proudly in a resounding message which says, ‘It Can Be’. This is our new tagline,” says Stephanie Sandridge, Head of Marketing, Stanbic Bank.

Continued Sandridge, “‘It Can Be’ reflects how Stanbic Bank Botswana has evolved, and continues to evolve, in a way our clients expect, and it represents our positive attitude about Africa and the possibilities that exist on the continent. We believe that dreams matter. They fuel our growth. Together with our clients we need to take new uncharted paths to realise them.”

In deciding on the new tagline, research showed that people and businesses are looking for a brand to believe in them, inspire them, and journey with them. They want a bank that can help them realise their ambitions – personally or as businesses and which always puts them at the centre of the discussion. “‘It Can Be’ allows us to do this because it is about finding new ways to make dreams possible,” Sandridge notes.

This refreshed position is about inspiring belief in Africa’s future while showcasing the Bank’s client-centric and inventive solutions. It is about being bold and innovative change makers who are more curious, and more responsive.

Stanbic Bank’s purpose remains the same. Said Sandridge, “Botswana is our home. We drive her growth. By moving to a new positioning and tagline, we are changing how we bring the purpose to life. Our customers have dreams and aspirations and we will be the enabler to make their dreams to come true. This is the essence of It Can Be.”

“Now is the time to begin a narrative of hope, belief and optimism. The phrase ‘It Can Be’ is a celebration of the human spirit, of the belief in our dreams. There is no better time to introduce this new positive message as encouragement to keep going,” concluded Sandridge