Tlou Energy Successfully Completes Re-drilling of Key Wells


Tlou Energy, a Botswana-based power generation company focused on developing clean energy solutions for Botswana and the sub-Saharan region, recently announced the successful completion of the redrill of both lateral wells of the Lesedi 4 production pod.
Managing Director at Tlou Anthony Gilby stated in a recent statement, “Drilling has also been completed at the new Lesedi 6 pod with both lateral wells (Lesedi 6A and Lesedi 6B) successfully intersecting the target vertical well (Lesedi 6P). The aim of redrilling the Lesedi 4 wells is to provide straighter lateral sections compared to the original wells. The Lesedi 4 pod has flowed gas for a number of years, and these straighter laterals are expected to assist with removing water from the reservoir to more efficiently dewater and flow gas.”
Flushing to clear the wells
Following the completion of the redrill, both Lesedi 4 and Lesedi 6 pods will undergo flushing to clear the wells, and production equipment will be installed to commence dewatering ahead of gas production. Gilby added, “Construction of the transmission lines to connect the Lesedi power project to the existing power grid is progressing, with overall progress to date at approximately 90 percent. Key items outstanding include a road crossing and further stringing of the line. Transmission line work is on track to be completed later this year and well in advance of planned first power into the grid. Separately, work on the substations required at either end of the transmission line is also continuing.”
Contractors are presently onsite at Lesedi, carrying out initial work such as site clearing, with further updates expected in due course.
Tlou Energy is dedicated to developing power solutions for Botswana, primarily through gas-fired power and ancillary projects. The Lesedi Power Project, wholly owned and operated by the company, represents its most advanced development. Located in central Botswana, Lesedi boasts independently certified gas reserves, a production license, and all necessary government approvals for development. The project is situated approximately 100 kilometers from the existing power grid, with efforts underway to connect it. This connection will enable Tlou to sell power to the Botswana Power Corporation grid and provide access to the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP). Additionally, the project’s strategic location in a region with high solar incidence positions Tlou Energy to capitalize on new opportunities related to cleaner energy, including hydrogen production.