Vivo Energy tackles fake petroleum products


FRANCISTOWN: Vivo Energy Botswana has introduced basic standard laboratory quality checks to ensure quality control processes along the entire supply chain.
The company’s Managing Director, Wayne Kingwill, pointed out that they resolved to introduce the lab following the flooding in of sub-standard fuels and lubricants in the market as they have the potential to damage customers’ vehicles.
“Botswana’s petroleum industry has recently been exposed to adulterated fuels and lower quality lubricants being sold in the market. These lower quality products not only have the potential to cause damage to customer’s vehicles but also discourage fair competition because they are generally cheaper. So as we continually strive for innovation, Vivo Energy Botswana seeks to differentiate itself, and the Shell products that it markets, from sub-standard products in accordance with Shell’s global Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) standards, while also meeting all applicable local legislation,” explained Kingwill when launching the state of the art standard quality checks lab.
Additionally, the Vivo Energy Botswana boss stated that the introduction of the lab would ensure that Shell’s high quality fuels and lubricants reach the end-user at the exacting quality levels they should.
Kingwill decried the inadequacy of import controls in the local markets, making it easy for sub-standards fuels and lubricants to get in the country easily. “This is why we want to guarantee the quality of our products and ensure that they are protected from the source until they reach the market,” he maintained, emphasising that the company will subject itself to a rigorous regime of independent 3rd party fuels quality audits.