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Let me cease this opportunity for the first time in print to convey my gratitude to Botswana Police Service for the outstanding work they are doing.
It is indubitable and equally unequivocal to aver that BPS as a law enforcement bureau has hitherto done to the full in executing rather exceptionally and flawlessly to live its mandate, values and mission of making Botswana a safe and secure nation. We latterly learnt the pre-emptive strike they demonstrated of numerous apprehensions of unscrupulous mortals in a bid to deter and discourage disingenuous attitude of the said criminals who ostensibly are Batswana. The BPS has done and is continuing to do more in an endeavour to abate and slate the horrendous crime level to a tolerable degree. As such a credit on silver platter should be presented to them without doubt and fright.
By and large, Botswana has turned into a law breaking haven as evinced by a galore of criminal cases exhibiting themselves in various and assorted sorts. It is relentless for one to be oblivious of the disheartening criminal act that came about in the Gaborone suburban, Tlokweng this year where a boyfriend exacted his girlfriend’s priceless and invaluable life and inhumed the corpse in the incomplete dwelling house. It is the police that arrested that heartless and hard-hearted criminal and brought him to orderliness. Some other heart breaking and grievous happening that took place in Mochudi (also Gaborone suburban) left everyone in psychic trauma, where we saw a male citizen murdering his own mother following the alleged misunderstanding known better to him. As if that wasn’t enough he turned to the younger sibling and attempted to kill him had it not been the community that rescued the innocent soul. Let me retract from this pitiful incidents, lest I provoke the healing souls.
I strongly and powerfully assert that BPS is representing the nation’s interests heartily and cordially. Both the culprits are as we speak locked in detainment to account for their awful deeds. These relentless and persistent killings have deplorably tainted and sullied the estimable persona of our beloved state (which remains a touchstone to many) to a devilish and Mephistophelian impression. Who on earth can hardly relate to the recent arrests of criminals who reportedly have been robbing people of their valuables? On every BTV news various criminal faces were shown and brought to viewers alert with their criminal acts ranging from cellular phone thefts to carjacking. It was indispensable to name and shame them in order for the innocent public to be invariably and constantly wary of them lest they fall prey to those rapacious murderers who wittingly and heedfully cut short the public’s exhilaration. We altogether aspire truce, autonomy and liberty with our property. We ought to savour and relish them without falling victims to criminals. Fortunately the police are at full buttress in pursuance and quest for peaceable Botswana.
Big up guys! I can’t call you by names since teamwork is one of your primitive values, and I also won’t do it as that may bring a lop-sided critique. Your preponderant and meticulous servitude coupled with impeccable and poised focus overly bring non-sceptical confidence and sureness in us. We at all cost remain adamant that your immeasurable input will go a long way in shaping our nation futuristically. To my astonishment, am convinced all your hard work and efforts are done with little and negligible available resources at hand. Perhaps let me continue applauding you for utilization of resources sparingly and meagrely notwithstanding the perils colligated with your daily operations.
Another agitation that trembled me latterly was of the incidents in which I observed that more women were involved in illicit undertakings of drug peddling as opposed to their male counterparts during raiding through the assistance of trained police dogs. It’s quite an eyesore and happily the operation was a success story. In a very scintillating game plan, the Police devised a multi-thronged avenues by undertaking a clandestine and unheralded bust that left many speechless. The senior police detectives also stepped out of their cushy routines and joined the team on such patrols, a practice which is seldom performed.
We say KUDOS to you all as you are demonstrating that you are the beacon yardstick, so far as the public safety and their property security are concerned. I fathom that you are only humans and sometimes you make mistakes but you also deserve a praise where it is due. I can’t thank you enough guys, continue with that spirit and “as you sow, so shall you reap more”.
Keodumetse Kidoh Boikano- Office Administrator Rakops Primary Hospital
Contact 71540828/77925645/73086752