18 year old publishes first book

Publishing a book is every writer’s dream and while for others is it fairly easy, for most, getting your first book published can be a daunting task that can take even years.
18 year old Hani Thusi tells a different story altogether.  “Getting published and writing were the easy part,” he said. The 18 year old who is still at school, completing his last year in Maru-A-Pula has just got his first book published. The book, which is titled Little Yungo, The Village Saviour, was recently launched.

He revealed that the book took about a month and a half to write and with the help and  guidance from his mentor and owner of Mini Company Academy, Barolong Mouwane, getting funds to publish made the road a lot easier. “Sometime last year I joined the Mini Company Academy at school which brings students who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs together and we are taught about running a business and given the skills on how to make it work. So in this club, Mr Mouwane encouraged us to contribute articles to the Business Weekly newspaper and the more we wrote my English improved so he challenged me to write a book and so I did!,” said Hani.

He went on to add that, “It took me a month or so to write this book and actually finish it. And this was late last year. I wrote it every day and the interesting thing is that I was never really good at English. I wasn’t the best student, I just read more and just wrote more to practice and now there is a book with my name on in.”

Little Yungo, The Village Saviour, although written for younger crowd is a story of perseverance, courage and bravery. Following the completion of his book, he was furnished with funds to get the book published by the Mini Company Academy. The book can be found online in Amazon, and Hani revealed that it will be going in to several book stores around the city. “So far Exclusive Books has made an order of the book. I am really happy and excited. Completing this book was inspired by a challenge from my mentor and I’m glad I stood up to the challenge, ” he said.