2016 Son of The Soil to reflect 50th Independence Celebrations

Organizers of the annual Son of the Soil cultural event, Bana Ba Mmala, say this year’s event will be in line with Botswana’s 50th anniversary celebrations.
One of the organizers, Pontsho Pusoetsile says this year’s theme Ke Motswana, is meant to look at the past 50 years before 2016 and to look forward to the next 50 years, “At the core, it is meant to be a celebration of that which makes one feel special and proud to say ‘Ke Motswana.’ Our patrons are going to see a lot of national colours and a lot of national themed activities and competitions leading towards the event. A few national colours themed giveaways should be expected by our patrons too. We will also be showcasing Botswana culture as is and how we believe it is going to be,” he said.
“The sub-theme works whether one looks at it from the first person (I am a Motswana) or from the third person (That is a Motswana). Either way, it portrays the same meaning of one who identifies themselves as a Motswana or is easily identifiable as a Motswana. It speaks to the “botho” and general deportment (“Maitsholo” in Setswana) that one caries around with them. It also speaks to how easy it is to identify this “maitsholo” among other cultural deportments in the Global Village. This to us is the challenge of the next 50 years; keeping the Setswana way visible in the culturally competitive Global Village,” continued Pusoetsile.
The event will take place on 29-31 January as is the norm, following the main event which will take place at Serokolwane Farm on 30th January, 2016. Before the event, organizers will hold a workshop on 22nd January which will cover themes like Bogadi, Bojalwa jwa Setswana, Indigenous medicine, Kapari ya Setswana, Evolution of Music, Motswana le Kgomo and My Botswana.
Although he could not share the lineup of artists who will be performing, Pusoetsile confirmed that there will be performances by local traditional artists and also by artists who cover how the Setswana culture is projected to grow towards. Part of the new activities at this year’s Son of The Soil will be cultural games for children and adults, while patrons of the event will be given a platform to share their experiences during interactive mornings. According to Pusoetsile, patrons of this year’s event should expect to be rewarded for playing an active role in exuding the Botswana culture.