Are your taste buds ready for the Ghanzi Meat Fest?

With the number of self-proclaimed foodies on the rise, meat festivals have also grown to meet the growing demand. Among some of these in Botswana’s culinary calendar is the Ghanzi Meat Festival. Now in its third year, it will take place at Farm Mmula on the 11th of July and promises to stamp Ghanzi’s authority as the meat hub of Botswana.

“The meat festival brands Ghanzi as the meat hub. The event is strategically located because it is a well-known fact that Ghanzi District is endowed with more game parks and a cattle industry than any other in the country. Gantsi has been and still is the main supplier of Botswana’s best meat and it is rightfully and deserving to be called the meat hub of this country. With hunting restrictions put in place it is a rare occurrence to taste game meat, but since winter is the hunting season we are hosting the meat fest in July so that people get a chance to taste game meat from 10 different species,” explained the bdirector of the meat fest, Greg Losibe.

Losibe said they have prepared to host 2000 people who can look forward to a wide selection of meat dishes prepared the Ghanzi way. “This year we have introduced a food passport to make sure everybody is served, each time someone has a share we will tick their passport to indicate that they have taken their portion. It is after all a celebration of meat so people will be treated to braai, seswaa (pound meat), biltong, stew, fried and boiled meat from species such as Kukama, Phofu. Tholo, Kgama, Kgokong ,Tshephe, Nku, Podi and Mathinthinyane among others. 65% of the event will be meat, 15% will be music and the rest the atmosphere. Let’s meet in Ghanzi,” he said.

They will be music to go along with the food. Team Distant, BK Proctor, DJ Sly, Obrigado and Mzulala are among the artists that will entertain revellers. Losibe advised that people should come early as the event takes place the same day as the Gantsi Agricultural Show, they should book accommodation early and bring their camping equipments as well as camp chairs. Tickets are selling for P150 and the event is sponsored by the Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency, Botswana Meat Commission, National Development Bank, Botswana Touriam Organization, and RB2.