BEPA calls artists to submit portfolios for AFFRIMMA awards nominations

After Botswana Entertainment Promoters Association (BEPA) forged a partnership with the African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) towards the ends of last year, making them the sole agents and connection point for local artists and the awards, the organisation  is currently calling out to local artists of all musical genres to submit portfolios for the 2015 AFRIMMA awards nominations.
“We are currently accepting music artist’s portfolios and any promotional material that they feel can help them with the nominations. They can be submitted to our office  and we will be forwarding them to AFRIMMA for nominees selection,” said PRO of BEPA Gilbert Seagile.

He went on to say they have submitted president Ian Khama’ name for the Transformational Leadership award category which recognises African leaders who have interest in the arts and culture of their countries. “Last year this award was won by the Governor of Nigeria Chief Godswill Akpabio and we are hoping our president gets nominated this year. He has shown a lot of interest when it comes to the arts and culture of our country. He supports the Presidents day awards celebrations hosted in July, which recognise local talent from all corners of the country. These  presidential awards also recognise,and unearth talent because after most artists are rewarded they usually have the opportunity to grow their talent and travel the world to showcase their talent. Our president has also commercialised Polka and always participates in cultural events for example the annual Khawa Dune Challenge,” Seagile said.

He also went on to say they are currently in talks with the founders of AFRIMMA to possibly host the awards’ pre-party in Botswana. The founder of the awards Anderson Obiogwa in a previous interview with Time Out said “ We are planning to have AFRIMMA Pre party in Botswana where all nominated artists will be coming here because our plan is to take Africa to the world and bring the world to Africa.”

Obiogwa went on to say, “We are currently working on a theme song featuring African artists and we would like to add artists from Botswana. This award ceremony is not just about winning but networking because some of our African artists for example Fally Ipupa’s music is playing on American music channels  and this could happen for all the other artists.”
The highly anticipated award ceremony which is on its second year will be held on the 10th of October 2015 in Dallas Texas.