BPSCA hosts a dog show

It is often said a dog is man’s best friend but do you ever wonder about your dog or pet? Asking yourself if it’s all right or why it is acting in a certain way? The first annual Dog Show hosted by Botswana Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals (BSPCA) this past weekend educated pet owners on good pet care practices to prevent cruelty to animals. The other aim of the Dog show was to raise funds for the stray pets housed at BSPCA, create fun activities including dog competition, stunts and tricks.

“Pet lovers came in numbers to learn how to handle their dogs. Some people keep pets for the wrong reasons, for example commercial purposes and ignore the animal altogether while some do not even care about their health and what they eat so this show sensitized pet lovers. For a first time show I would say it went really well and the show proceeds will feed the stray animals at BSPCA,” said event organizer Joseph Khengere.

Ishmael Monwametsi who trains Botswana Police Service dogs and dog handlers, said training your dog improves communication between the owner and the dog. “Dogs are the most loyal of animals. They are trained based on rewards, if it portrays good behaviour you reward it by either touching it, offering it a biscuit or verbal praise (good boy/girl!)- believe me they can tell a positive comment! When it portrays bad behaviour you let it know by changing your tone towards it or take away the treat, you do not need to hit it,” he said.

According to research the presence of pets in a home helps  alleviate stress and benefits the overall mood of a human as they act as a natural relaxant. However the show organizers believe the show will grow to be as big as international dog shows that enthusiasts attend in large numbers. The American Westminster dog show is the most well known and always a crowd and TV hit after the Kentucky Derby.