Camping checklist -Part 2

Toyota 1000 Desert Race‘Mantshwabisi’ is just around the corner and TimeOut took time to complie another advisory on how to make that Jwaneng outing more exciting
Preparation is essential for any outdoor experience and having the necessary supplies and equipment can make a difference in your overall enjoyment and experience.
Braai stands

No camping trip would be complete without a braai session and if you and your friends have braai in mind, you might want to consider these braaing options;
The mini braai stand- it is portable and can be easily assembled as well as packed away once you are done. All you will need are fire lighters, charcoal and match sticks.
Disposable braai stand – the disposable braai stand is a convenient way to braai as they come with everything one would need. It comes in a box with 10 picnic size braais that are complete with charcoal and a grid and after lighting, the meat is ready to cook in 20 minutes. They are easy to clean as well as use and will definitely not be filling up your car. They can be found at Spar or Pick and Pay.

Camping gadgets
-It is essential to carry with you a few gadgets that might come in handy once you are at the site. You might have to consider taking a Swiss knife as it comes equipped with screw drivers and other useful little things. The roadways will be filled with police officers and luckily the Swiss knife does not fall under harmful objects so avoid taking bigger knives or tools that might be mistaken for deadly weapons.
-Binoculars are also good to have around for spotting races from a distance.
-Touch lights, lanterns with fuel and a reliable compass should be carried with you especially at night if you are going to be moving around.
-The Jwaneng area is synonymous with sandy roads, so be ready with your toolkit and a shovel should your car get stuck in the sand. And to save costs, try car pooling with a few friends so you can share petrol costs and have more hands to assist in pitching tents and braaing.
Winter outings offer different challenges as compared to summer camping, so you must be prepared for some more severe weather and shorter daylight hours. If you are going to use a sleeping bag, make sure it is placed in a secure area and definitely not close to any fires. As for tents, carnival tents are usually ideal for anything from weekend festival to an adventurous outing. Explorer tents are also a good option; they are easy to assemble and are spacious inside. If your budget allows, get a thick canvas tent as they are tough and not easily damaged.
Do not forget to carry a medical first aid kit in case of injury. Be safe and enjoy camping at this year’s desert races.