Fashion trends to look forward to in 2015

Every year and season has its trends and although some might be totally new, others are the best of the last season that ultimately make their way into the new season. Time Out brings you the trends that are likely to be seen on the streets and possibly on the runway this year.

Gladiator Sandals
They come in different colors and length and the higher the better. They can be paired with shorts on the weekend and skirts and skinny jeans during the week (if your work allows for expression of style.)

Army inspired wear
Military wear is one of this season’s new trends. Traces of military and army wear will be noticeable, be it in pants, jackets, tops and even shoes.
90-degrees shoulder
The 90-degrees shoulder is one of the trends that have made a comeback. This trend is prevalent  in women’s wear. Dresses, shirts and tops will spot this cool trend that is best suited for hot summers.

Flats and sneakers
This year is all about being comfortable and flats and sneakers offer just that. There is something unique for everyone and the shapes and colors are diverse.

Whether it’s the frayed edges of a shirt or fringed tasseled bag, it is a great way to add measure without taking it overboard.

Bucket Bag
Last season we had the bucket hat trend, this year, the bucket bag will take over. They come in different sizes and silhouettes.

Flannel pants


These pants are nice and flowy, they sometimes give the illusion that one is wearing a skirt. They can be worn to work or on weekends depending on what they are paired with.