Freshly grounds and Hamptons make peace


Freshlyground fans who were left disappointed early this year when the South African group failed to pitch at the Hamptons summer Jazz Festival will in September have the disappointment assuaged. Following a very public war of words laced with threats of legal action, the Hampton’s promoters and Freshlyground have kissed and made up and will have a show sometime in September. Freshlyground Spokesperson Kerry Friedman has told Time Out that the Hamptons have apologized for the debacle   “The Hamptons promoters emailed Freshlyground a formal letter of apology and took full responsibility for Freshlyground’s non arrival. We are working on new performance dates for the last quarter of this year. FG and the Hamptons are committed to the rescheduled event and looking after FGs loyal supporters in Botswana,” Friedman said.

The apology according to Friedman means plans to sue Hamptons have been abandoned and they are planning to make it up for their Freshlyground fans in Botswana.

Debbie Smith of Hamptons promoters confirmed that they have smoked the peace pipe and will ensure the fans do not get disappointed this year, “We are pleased to announce that we have resolved our issues amicably. We phoned Freshly Ground and ironed out the issues we had in March.  To cut a long story short, we apologized through an email and Freshlyground are indeed looking forward to performing Botswana. We want to fulfill our original obligation of making sure that Freshlyground loyal fans get to enjoy their idols,” she said.

Smith said they are currently sorting out the final logistics and looking for local supporting acts and adding that the gig will take place in September.
In regards to the annual Hamptons  Jazz festival Smith confirmed  that preparations were  already underway for the 2015 summer festival adding that fans will love what they have in store for them.