Gaborone Food and Drink market slated for October

For the past three years, November has been a pretty special month for foodies and wine lovers in town and this year will be no different as the Gaborone food and wine show will be coming back for a fourth installment. The foodie event will however, be coming in under a new name; The Gaborone International Food and Drink Market. Event organizers, Michael Hall revealed that the new name comes after careful thought and consideration on the direction the event is taking.

“This year’s event is going to be bigger and better. The reason why we decided to change the name is that instead of just wine we are adding new beverages to the event to cater for the different types of people who come for the show. Cocktails, coffees, different types of teas, whiskey, wine, and craft beers can be expected at this year’s show,” added Michael. He further said more food vendors will be added to the show and they plan to have a kiddies corner as well as a beer garden. Michael added that. “Face painting, clowns and all sorts of kiddie friendly activities will take place at the kiddie corner, to allow parents to bring their children to the event and at the same time still be able to enjoy the day. The beer garden will cater for those who love beer; we hope to bring in some international brands but I can confirm that majority will be local beers that we already enjoy.”

The organizers further revealed that besides the name change the event will be moving from Airport Junction where it has been held since its inception in 2012 to Bojanala Waterfront. “This year we are going for a place that has a lot more space to allow people to sit on the grass and under the shades of the stunning garden. In the last one we noticed that because it was too hot, a lot of people were not able to properly enjoy the show and there were few places were they could sit and enjoy their food,”commented Michael.

Although they did confirm that there will be entertainment, they said,because it was still early stages, they could not yet reveal the people who will be coming. This year the event will be held in October.