GatsFros looking for funds to Africa Fashion Week London

Local stylists GatsFros are in need of funds to attend the Africa Fashion Week London in August. Tsholo “Gatsh” Dikobe who was recently named Brand Ambassador for the fashion week said they were besieged by a few challenges. “The team at Africa Fashion Week London recently told that one of the big sponsors pulled out so they will only be able to offer accommodation and we have to get the rest of the funding ourselves,” she said.

“We had planned to go there with a big team including an event planner, models, stylists, designers, image consultants so that they too can get to appreciate the different facets of fashion. Now we have a problem. We need airline tickets among other things to get there,”  Dikobe said.

The other half of the team Gaone Mothibi said it was time the fashion industry was also assisted like other creative areas, “We are appealing to all stakeholders, private and public to assist in any way they can to make this trip possible. It is time that the government and other private stakeholders also put in a hand to help grow the fashion industry.”

GatsFros say they have contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but they did not get much help,  “The response the man who we had been dealing with gave us was that they had other commitments as there were others before us who asked for assistance. At the moment we are just running around in other ministries and private stakeholders for assistance, The Voice newspaper, Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture and Choppies are promising,” said Dikobe.