Hugh Masekela and Socca Moruakgomo reunite for Mascom Live Sessions

South African legendary trumpeter Hugh Masekela, who goes by the name ‘Bra Hugh’ is set to perform at this year’s Mascom Live Session at the Botswana Craft. ‘Bra Hugh’ will perform alongside renowned local trumpeter Socca Moruakgomo on the 24th of April. The two complement each other and have a long history in music, although Masekela has been in the scene much longer.

This will not be the first time they perform together. The two shared a stage during the winter of 2011 where for four hours, the audience was held captive by the sounds of their hollowing trumpets blowing sweet tunes into the cold night. Those who were in attendance still have fond memories of the night, they recall the moment when ‘Bra Hugh’ performed Motlalepula, a song he recorded in the 80’s with the late Nigerian musical genius Fela Kuti. They also still recall the way Socca greeted them with his popular hit Wena and how he danced to his knees blowing his trumpet.

“We at Botswana Craft always bring back artists whom we know people really love and ‘Bra Hugh’ is one such artist.  The last time we had him here at Botswana Craft was in 2011. We decided to bring him back because he is not only a talented and great artist but because he is a leader of heritage and we need artists like that here especially in this time of cultural turmoil. We want him on our stage as a leader of the black consciousness so he reminds people once more that what is currently happening in South Africa is done only by a small fraction of people who don’t understand what it means to be African,” said Oliver Groth of Botswana Craft. He further stated that as usual, the show will be an intimate one that brings people who appreciate jazz music and is of course open to anyone else who may want to enjoy good music. Tickets for the show are selling for P300 each.