In solidarity with axed stars – Lerato Motshwarakgole

Actress Lerato Motshwarakgole became the pride of Botswana following her debut as Zimbini Tlhaole in South Africa’s biggest soapie, Generations. Many therefore have been left wondering what was next for Lerato as she was part of the group that got the boot.

It is has since emerged that Lerato opted to show solidarity with the 16 who got the axe. Batswana asked themselves whether she had made the right decision especially because Generations director Mfundi Vundla had made it clear that he would not take back any of the fired actors. SABC has also announced that the soapie will be off screen from the 1st of October until December.

Time Out contacted Lerato for a comment on the standoff. She referred us to a recent interview that was published on Drum Magazine where she said: “I was approached before the strike and again after, but I kindly turned it down. I don’t know what’s going on but all I can say is that it is not only about the 16 actors –my storyline revolves around the main characters. How are the smaller characters going to survive without the bigger ones? It is heartbreaking. I just wish they could sort things out. It feels like two parents fighting. ” She also added that she will only go back if the axed actors are given their jobs back.

Lerato also told Time Out that she will focus on developing her talents in other fields like theater, TV and film where she has built a very solid career.“ That’s definitely where I’m going. I’m a full time actress,” she said.

Drum Magazine also revealed that Mfundi Vundla is currently finding it hard to save his brainchild because actors who have been approached to replace the fired ones are scared of accepting the offers as they don’t want to be labeled traitors. However Vundla insists that they are re-writing the script and auditions are proceeding well.
“We have seen over a 100 people already. We are going to pay them what we think is fair and what they deserve,” he said.