Interpretations of nature through dance enigma

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Renowned performing artist Moratiwa Molema will be showcasing a production entitled “Rhythm Project Movements 2” which will introduce a group performance entitled “ New Moon” on the 17th April at Maitisong and 18th through to the 19th at Botswana Craft. The show will give performance theatre enthusiasts an opportunity to experience interpretations of nature through Multi- Media dance. The show is a sequel to Rhythmic Project Movement that was held last year at the Number One Ladies Opera House.


Speaking to Time Out, the director and producer of the show, Moratiwa Molema explained that every show is different because they never do the same work twice. “My motto as an artist is to welcome new possibilities, you can never finish ideas and that is how I keep myself entertained and fresh. Therefore Rhythm Project 2 is an elaboration of Movement 1. Rhythm Project Movement 1 was a showcasing to test how the audience would respond and it ran for 20 minutes and Rhythmic Project 2 would be running for 1 hour 20 minutes. Each movement will be one of its kind,” she added.


The project is a visual celebration of the cycle of life and a metaphor for its different stages. It aims to highlight the four elements; Earth, wind, fire and water ,that make life possible. The artistic language of the Mult-Media dance musical draws from various cultures of the world, considering that the miracle of life is global. Rhythm Project draws visual and musical inspiration from Setswana, San, Native American, African American, European and Brazilian culture.


The production is a combination of dance, live music, recorded original composition, video and live painting to create a rich audio/visual texture. The performance group is a collective of remarkable artists living in Botswana, including some American poets from the East Coast of the USA who have been part of the creative process via the Internet.


The intention of the whole production, according to the director, is to inspire gratitude for the natural world, so that as humans, we can practice environmentally friendly behavior in our homes, neighbor- hoods, countries and on our precious planet.“I hope for the audience to walk out with an appreciation for nature and the spirit of creativity, colour, music and the talent of local artists, and perhaps my personal style as a director,” she added.