Kalahari Roses back on Europe tour

After touring Germany last year, Kalahari Roses are set for another tour. The jazz band will perform in Sweden and Germany from the 7th- 10th of October.

“Kalahari Roses will tour  Germany, following their big success in 2013. They started 2012 with recordings at Botswana Craft, where I invited Batswana artists collaborate on a project called Tales from Botswana (produced by my musical colleague Peter Herrmann). The CD was meant to prepare the German market for the band. This year the band will play in Sweden then Germany to tie in with last year’s success,” said band member and German artist Norbert Völker in an interview with Time Out.

Last year’s collaboration was between guitarist Kabo Leburu, vocalists Rose Motshidiemang, Nnunu Ramogotsi and Kearoma Rantao, accompanied by Kabelo Tamukate, Wynton Senwelo, Peter Herman, Markus Reich and Norbert Völker. This year the tour will have new members.

“As I organized the trip in 2013 with the support of musicians in Gaborone, this year I am working with Soares Katumbela from Streethorn to manage artists in Botswana. The new band consists of Gomotsegang Rapoo, Andrew Chinganga and Shanti Lo, together with Nnunu Ramogotsi, Kearoma Rantao, Kabelo Tamukate, Wynton Senwelo Peter Herrmann and myself. We will not record new music, but you never know, what could happen, when musicians get together and share ideas,” Völker said.

Stating the reasons they changed band members, he said the original idea was to establish a musical exchange between Botswana and Germany. “This makes it possible to bring musicians over here and the other way around. I am following that idea. Beside that we have had many more musicians with the recording in 2012. They should have the chance as well. Chance of artists will also provide more options to play around with different combinations.”