Kearoma’s American experience

Afro Jazz sensation Kearoma Rantao left the country on the 23rd of July to attend the (AFRIMMA) where she was nominated for Best Female Southern Africa category in  Dallas, USA. Even though the coveted award went to South Africa’s Zahara Kearoma says she learned from her experience.  “The African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) were all about celebrating and appreciating Africa’s talent. One thing I loved was seeing African stars under one roof. We shared a lot and exchanged our experiences, ideas and stories. I see this event bringing out working relationships between artists and saw it as an opportunity for Botswana artists to look beyond boarders to grow our trade,” she said.

According to Kearoma, the performances were also good, “Nigerians did very well, the likes of Flavour and Davido among others. They are larger than life and hard working; I really admire their spirit and want to see that happening here!”

Fashion forms an integral part in all red carpet events as everyone comes dressed to the nines. In preparations for the night Kearoma was the best dressed on the red carpet clad in a Marylin Monroe inspired black dress with a touch of prints.

“My dress was designed by the one and only Shanti Lo. I love red carpet events and dressing up good! My dress was breathtaking and everyone was crazy about it.” she said.
She interacted with some of the other artist and had this to say when asked about possible collaborations and future plans, “I am yet to reveal possible collaborations and performances around Africa. I had a lot of contact exchanges so watch the space. My plan is to do something new when I get home and possibly where I am right now in L.A before I leave.”
Kearoma will be landing in the country today (5th August) to prepare for the Mascom Live session show at Botswana Craft slated for the 8th of August.