Keno introduces Bespoke Suits for women

Custom suit designers, Keno Custom Suits say they will introduce a new brand of women’s suits which is meant to have a utility beyond the boardroom and other traditional occasions.
Owners of Keno Custom Suits, Thobo Kerekang and Donald Nnoto who have showcased their designs at social events like music awards and Miss Botswana, say they decided to expand their brand and cater for women this year, “We introduced tailored suits for women this year because we identified a niche in the market, the demand is there from people out there and the passion and creativity is there on our part. The men’s line did very well and the response was overwhelming and we saw it best to expand to ladies formal wear,” says Kerekang.
While creating a bespoke suit is intricate, time-intensive and expensive, Kerekang says their objective is to make everyone dress well at affordable prices, “Just as with men’s wear, all our suits are made from scratch to fit the specifications of the client, nothing is ready made. Our objective was and remains to make everyone dress well at an affordable price because image matters…We target everyone, we don’t discriminate and want to make everyone look great,” he says.
Kerekang adds that they prefer to make suits from scratch to encourage a sense of ownership and pride, “There is no better sense of ownership of a piece of clothing than when it is made specifically for you. The fit and design are all yours. We avoid you buying something then paying to have it altered to your right body size and specifications.”
While men’s custom options are more common, it has always been different for women whose design options are few, something that is ironic considering that fashion is traditionally the preserve of women. Fashion forward designers are now refitting bespoke service for all customers, adding funky colored linings, bolder fabrics and slim-fitting styles to catch up with the times.