Leipego returns with ‘Badisa’ Photo Series


  • Continues to tell stories of rural Botswana
  • Says “Badisa” (Herders) carry extraordinary skills




In his quest to tell stories of rural Botswana, prolific photographer Letso Leipego of Let’z Photography released his latest photo series dubbed ‘Badisa’ last week.


Leipego has over the years captured his subjects in their natural environment, extending a curiosity about people living on the edge of mainstream society.


In 2014, he embarked on a project styled “Tell My Story” that seeks to tell Botswana’s story through the lens, giving his audience a glimpse of the people and culture of Botswana.


“This latest series is a continuation of the ‘Tell My Story’ project that shines a spotlight on the people living in rural areas,” he told Time Out in an interview.


Titled “Badisa,” which translates into “Herders,” the series gives these somewhat peripheral but important people an identity and a sense of pride for taking care of livestock, especially cattle, sheep and goats that are seen as a symbol of wealth by most Batswana.


Leipego’s biography explains that his photography is founded on his curiosity around light, with emphasis on contrast and stylized manipulation of light and shadows. His photo series calls attention to the subject of herdsmen that most people tend to overlook.


“I created this series because I feel that people don’t know what herdsmen go through to be able to understand and care for the livestock, and the series tells the story,” he said. “The skills they carry are extraordinary.”


“The series was shot in the village of Lentsweletau. It is a work in progress as I still need to travel to other places to capture more images. My next destinations are Hukuntsi and Motokwe.”


On his artistic journey, Leipege recognized that there was a strong interest in Setswana culture from both the tourists and natives. The photographer then developed a series of portraits that showcase the majesty of the people of Botswana and their beautiful landscape. The “Tell my Story” series has since been featured in Botswana and South African exhibitions.