Mascom pulls out of Boosta Bash

Mascom Wireless, which has sponsored the Boosta Bash since December 2007, at cumulative value of over P1.8 Million,  has announced that it will no longer sponsor the event.
Mascom chief communications and PR officer, Tebogo Lebotse-Sebego has confirmed that they have ended their relationship with the event. “As part of our Brand and Communications Investment Strategy, we periodically evaluate and review projects order to determine if they are achieving the objectives and if they represent how we want to grow and position the Mascom Brand. As part on this evaluation, we decided to disinvest in the Boosta Bash and explore other sponsorship properties that are aligned to the strategic objectives,” she said.

“This is very important in light of Mascom’s strategic objective of developing local talent. And Mascom would like to reassure the arts community that this sector remains a key component of our Brand and Communications strategies and we continue to explore innovative and exciting ways to contribute to the growth of the industry. It is for this reason that we are still investing in the Mascom Live Sessions, the Maitisong President’s Day Concert, the Thapong Artist of the Year and many other arts initiatives,” Lebotse-Sebego said.
Contacted for comment on what this means for the show, Boosta Bash founder and organiser Seabelo Modibe of Lekoko Entertainment, gave assurances that Boosta Bash will still take place and added that people should look forward to a new sponsor.

“I am currently working on something big which I will reveal soon. Boosta Bash has been giving local artists an opportunity to share the stage with international acts. Over 70 local acts have performed at Mascom Boosta Bash over the years,” he said.

Lebotse added that a major challenge for the event over the years has been securing a suitable venue that could offer revelers a safe way to usher in the New Year.
“There is the opportunity for Mascom to work with the event organisers in the future. This will be determined by the viability of the project being done,” she concluded.

The last installment of the New Year’s Eve fixture was marred by reports of violence followed by a scathing attack by local artists in the media over the organiser’s failure to pay them for their performances.