Motamma evicted from Big Brother

Botswana’s representative at theBig Brother Africa (BBA) house,Motamma Sesinyi got evictedthis past Sunday along with Betty fromEthiopia. Motamma had been in thehouse for four weeks made the nominationslist for the fi rst time since her Chasejourney started and unfortunately provedto not be the strongest of contenders.Following a grueling week of voting,Africa decided to save Botswana’sother representative, O’neal along withElikem, Bolt, Nando and Natasha.When interviewed by BBA presenter,IK, an excited Motamma did not lookdisappointed; instead she seemed excitedas she was busy waving and blowingkisses to her many fans.


Her bubblypersonality came out on stage until IKreminded her of a painful moment of herstay in the house when she was informedthat her grandfather had passed on. “Thatwas one of the most painful momentsfor me in the house but I prayed about itand asked God for strength and to remainhumble amidst the pain I was feeling,”said Motamma.As to whether she was disappointedthat she was leaving the house, she said,“I would have loved to go home with themoney but I am not sad, I am gratefulfor the experience that Big Brother gaveme. I love interacting with people andThe Chase afforded me that opportunity.


I made friends from different nationalitiesand was very close to Feza who hasa connection with my fellow countrymanO’neal, I hope whatever they are doingworks out and I hope she visits me in Botswanaafter the show,” she said.“Motamma is expected to arrive hometomorrow (Wednesday) and her homecoming party will be this weekend, theexact day and venue will be communicatedto the public during the course ofthis week,” Publicity and Public RelationsExecutive at Multi-Choice Botswana,Tshepo Maphanyane, told Time Out.Motamma’s eviction means that O’nealremains Botswana’s only contender.


O’neal however, was also in danger ofa possible eviction following a dramaticswap by the Ruby Head of House,Bassey. He is now Botswana’s only hopeof bringing home the prize money ofUSD 300 000 (about P2.1 million) andbuild his mother that dream house hementioned when he fi rst auditioned to bein the house.