Nature Inger represents Botswana at Top Model worldwide competition

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Local model, Nature Inger will this Thursday the 27th of March jet off to London to represent the country at the Top Model Worldwide competition slated for April 5th 2014 at the Hilton London Metropole. She was selected with about 40 other models from different countries around the world by Top Model worldwide; a leading international model search seeking the best new model talent from across the globe. 

“I am beyond excited; this is an amazing opportunity and it is such a great honour to be selected among so many girls. This is my first international competition,” she said.



“I have my profile and portfolio in various websites in the internet and most of them make automatic applications for all the things you are eligible to enter.  So I was notified by email that I have been selected as a finalist by  I have had Skype meetings with the organizers of the competition and I have been preparing ever since,” Inger said, explaining how she made it into the competition.

Some of her sponsors include De Beers, which will sponsor her accommodation and loan her diamonds to complete the outfits designed by local designers Aobakwe Molosiwa and Delayna Scott, that she will wear at the grand finale.



“I have so much support from everyone though I have yet to secure air ticket sponsorship,” she said.

Top Model Worldwide is a fashion and model industry backed search and does not have beauty pageant style heats or public text voting to select the Finalists. Adjudication is done through interviews by industry professionals. The judges would be basing their decision on a model’s performance and their looks. The winner will walk away with an undisclosed amount of money and will also be signed to a modeling agency while the finalists will participate in a fully choreographed, high-profile, professionally produced 3 hour runway and entertainment spectacular.



Asked what her competitive edge is, Inger said it was difficult question to say as models look different; “nobody has anything in common with anybody else, so I think I am just going to be myself, have fun and try to remember that it’s work and is a once in a life time opportunity. I take criticism well and learn quickly from my mistakes. So if I am told I am doing this wrong, a second later it is fixed. So I hope by the day of the competition my flaws in my walk and general demeanor will have been dealt with so that I can be as perfect as I possibly can.”



On her plans if she wins the competition, Inger said she would start her professional modeling career back home. “The main reason I am a model is because I grew up in a country where there was no industry for everything I wanted to pursue. You would tell people that you want to be a model or actor and they would laugh at you because we don’t have those kind of things here! So I would definitely want to make a change for our local arts industry and for my children especially so that they can grow up in a country where they can be what they aim and aspire to be,” she said.