‘On the Dusty Sandy Roads’ musical night showing this week in Maitisong

Maitisong will once again be restored of its colorful and vibrant atmosphere this coming week as performance art lovers will be treated to a musical night on Saturday 25th January. The musical night is the first performance to open for this year’s arts calendar and according to the director of the theater section of the musical night and performance artist Tefo Paya, “the night will entail different acts of fusion in theatre, dance and music.”

He further added that, the musical night will have two halves of 40minutes. In the first halve a variety of local artists, dancers, poets and singers will have an opportunity to showcase their talent and skills. The second half of the night will be the main feature, a book reading by the author, which will be fused with a theatrical performance. The main feature is based on the book “On the Dusty Sandy Roads of Africa” by Masego Bogatsu, which shows an interaction of the social lives of Botswana and German Cultures. “The event was conceived from the keenness of the author to turn the book into a film seeking support from possible beneficiaries. It is a night of reflecting on how far we have come as a nation in arts,” says Paya.

He added that, “She will be reading exerts from the book to give the audience a feel of the story and the theatre/play element will be used to allow the audience to ‘meet’ the Six teenagers whom the story is about and how they each experience Botswana having lived in Germany most of their lives. Three of the teenagers are Batswana who have German and Batswana parents and the other three students are their friends who come to visit.” When speaking about the challenges that they faced when producing this musical, Paya revealed that, the biggest challenge has been finding sponsorship for the show, advertising the show and trying to make a trailer for the book but despite the challenges they did the best they could to see to it that the performances come to light.