Orange Letlhafula this weekend

Orange Letlhafula is upon us. This Saturday, May 09, Botswana Craft will host the 15th instalment of the annual Orange Letlhafula under the theme Letlepu tsina ya Letlhafula, re ja re ikgora menwana! Traditionally, Letlhafula is a celebration of bountiful harvest and people feast to mark this. Orange Letlhafula is an urbanized version of the traditional celebration meant to keep the tradition alive. According to the organizers, this year’s event is going to be exciting as there are more activities and plenty of healthy Setswana traditional dishes to look forward to. “This year revelers can look forward to over 30 traditional foods, drinks and snacks, while enjoying live music and traditional dance. We will also be introducing new dishes including various bogobe dishes, ostrich meat, tongue and nama ya setlhare, a vegetarian dish that tastes like biltong (dried meat). For performances, we have two stages and the performers are a surprise but I can assure people that they are all local and feature traditional music,” said Oliver Groth of Botswana Craft.

The food festival is an opportunity to discover and taste food recipes from different places around the country that are usually not accessible on a daily basis. It is also a norm that during this time revelers come dressed in traditional inspired outfits. The German print, commonly known as leteise, as well as the African print inspired outfits are the most common during the celebrations.
Alongside the food and entertainment elements various cultural activities which include games, dancing and poetry will be available. Tickets to this event are available in advance at BotswanaCraft for P250 which covers food and entertainment.