‘Re Batswana Ensemble’ preparing for European tour

‘Re Batswana Music Ensemble,’ which is made up of golden voiced lead artists Samantha Mogwe, Nnunu Ramogotsi, Shanti Lo, Banjo Mosele, Berry Heart, Kearoma Rantao, Lister Boleseng, Ndingo Johwa, Socca Moruakgomo, and a backup band is busy preparing for their Europe tour. The group is on camp at the University of Botswana. The tour will kick start in Stockholm, Sweden on September 30th, then Oslo, Norway on the 4th of October, and back to Sweden where they will wrap up the tour performing at Gothenburg, Sweden on the 10th of October. According to the ensemble’s producer, Soares Katumbela of Streethorn Promotions, the group is in a musical camp until the 16th of July to tighten their act and prepare themselves for the international stage.

“With tour dates drawing closer we want to get our act together so we show the world what Botswana’s music is all about. The ensemble currently has three confirmed performances internationally and there may be more. This collaboration is a great opportunity to bring the sound and the excitement of Botswana music to new audiences. The idea is also to take Botswana´s soundtrack global. That is why all the artists are currently in a music camp which is sponsored by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture,” he told Time Out.

Katumbela also said the Re Batswana Ensemble is a colourful spirited exploration of traditional, folk, Afro Jazz and modern Botswana music presented in a fascinating way adding that Batswana should look forward to their performance at the official launch of the ensemble on the 24th of September at Maitisong. “Each artist was required to come up with two songs which will later be recorded and compiled into a CD. I would like to urge Batswana to attend our launch in high numbers and corporate companies to come on board and support us before we leave for the tour.”

He went on to reveal that the ensemble will be recording a live DVD during their performance in Stockholm, Sweden. “Audiences should expect fireworks as they will be transported back to ancient Tswana times through acappella, traditional songs, accompanied by clapping and Borankana dance, then moved back to contemporary times with more modern compositions that honour culturally inspired rhythms and expressions.  The  artists will perform a repertoire consisting of original compositions and carefully selected songs of cultural and historical significance,” he added.

Re Batswana Music Ensemble was founded in 2015 by Streethorn Promotions with the aim of changing the music scene in Botswana. The backing band members include Andrew Chinganga( Alto Saxophone and Flute) Gomotsegang Rapoo  (Lead Guitar), Kabelo Tamukate (Bass), Kopano Mantswe (Percussion) Lekofi Sejeso (Piano), Mathews Dasco (Tenor Saxophone) Tumelo Mafoko  (Keyboards) Leroy Nyoni (Drums), and the backing singers Chatapi Sibonge, Chedza Majwabe and PrettyMothobi.