Salsa into 2014!

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The New Year brings the great opportunity of turning over a new leaf and trying new things. While compiling your resolutions list, perhaps you could consider adding a little salsa to spice up things and add some excitement ahead of the next 12 months.

Thursday nights at Cigar Lounge in Phakalane are reserved strictly for  salsa dancing.  Salsa is a popular form of dance that originated in New York in the mid 1970s with influences from Latin America, particularly Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Coordinator of the salsa dance classes, Brenda Makgale says that they were started at the popular and exclusive club to create something people can alternatively take up for fun and everyone is welcome.

“We initially started the classes as an in-house thing, but as time went on we decided to invite everyone. Salsa is fun and very interactive and in Gaborone is simply something to do as we do not have a variety of social events,” said Makgale. More than just a dance, Makgale says Salsa is a great  fitness activity.

Resident dance choreographer, Olebogeng Gare, explained that, “With Salsa you go with your feelings; it’s a workout of the heart as well as the body.”  He said that since it is a social and interactive dance, one can come in whatever outfit they feel comfortable in. “It is advisable to bring a partner along so you can learn the dance properly as sometimes the ratio of men and women is erratic,” he advised.
The classes will start first week of February and are free to the public every Thursday from 8pm to 11pm.