Search for Gabs’ Ultimate Braai Master is on


While there is no quasi officialdom around braaing meat as is the case in South Africa where there is a National Braai Day, this is a well-established sub-culture in Botswana. People here braai meat at restaurants, bars, weddings, house parties as well as at various other merrymaking occasions.
Summer is already upon us and one of the best things about it is the parties where meat will be sizzling on the braai stand. To inaugurate this season, Wagga Gardenex in Glen Valley will host a braai competition on the 21st of September to discover Gaborone’s ultimate braai master. The competition is limited to 20 teams of four people who will be admitted on a first-come-first-served basis.
“Our vision of the Braai Master Day is for teams to come and have the chance to show off their culinary braai skills. We all love to braai and we invite spectators, young and old, to come and support the teams and enjoy the day with us,” said Lynda Dryer of Lengau Wine Company which is organising the event.
Teams will be judged in three categories: braai area as well as in steak and ribs’ braaing. The judges will be looking at braaing skill, taste of braaied meat, presentation and safety. The ultimate braai master will be the one who excels in raw meat presentation, recipe originality, cooked presentation, skill, taste, creativity, safety and personality.
“This is the ultimate bring-and-braai so teams will be required to bring everything. There will be no gas braais allowed – only wood or charcoal. Because of open flames, there are safety precautions that all teams will be required to abide by. Meat can be prepared at home but absolutely no pre-cooking – and we will be checking. All teams will be allotted time when they will be required to present to the judges,” Dryer explained.