Skinflint drops Nyemba!

The three-piece African heavy metal band, Skinflint, is back with a new album titled Nyemba. The eight-track album is their fourth studio album after releasing Iklwa, Gauna and Dipoko.
Nyemba is a blend of traditional heavy metal with African lyrical concepts. With songs such as Veya, The Pits of Wydah, Okove, Abiku, The Wizard and His Hound, Sinkinda, Muti and The Witches Dance, the album explores a wide range of subjects from traditional ancestral beliefs to African mythology.

“The album has a mix of languages spoken in West Africa. The album is based on magic because the album title, Nyemba, means black magic from the west,” said Giuseppe Sbrana, a Skinflint guitarist and vocalist.

According Sbrana, the band’s music encourages the listener to have a sense of independence and power as it touches on dark topics of life. He dismissed the myth that rock music has some sort of violence attached to it, noting further that it is a worldwide movement that is continuing to grow locally.

“Bands are coming up in Botswana. The local metal movement has grown from strength to strength in the last couple of years and there has been a strong interest in the African metal scene. Africa will start producing very notable international rock bands and metal bands as well. In ten years time, it probably won’t be unusual to see bands from Africa headlining big events,” he said.

The official launch of the album will be this Saturday (6th September) at Mopipi Gardens in Lobatse where the band will be performing alongside local bands Wrust, Overthrust as well as rock ‘n roll deejays.