SkinFlint tops African Metal Charts

Local rock band SkinFlint has topped on the African Metal charts out of 50 rock groups Africa wide. The group which features a three man band topped the chart at number 1 on ‘The top 50 African Metal Songs of 2013’, for their song titled Dipoko.  Their track Mask of the Head also made it onto the list sitting at number 11, while Dipoko once again  made it onto African Metal Top 10 songs of January at number 7.

Released in late 2012, Dipoko was recorded, produced and mixed by Ivo Sbrana and leads the track list from their fourth studio album titled Dipoko, which sets the tone for the rest of the compilation. In the words of the band, the song was inspired by African spirituality, of which the lead vocalist and guitarist, Giuseppe Sbrana says blends Heavy Metal with elements from African culture and music.

Sbrana, expressed their elation saying, “It’s a great feeling, especially considering that most of the bands that made the list are also fantastic musicians.”According to him, the criteria for selecting the top 50 songs was based on excellence, musicianship, quality and novelty among other things. The awards were given by the African Metal Authority Awards.
Asked what they did right in the previous year that they can attribute the recognition to, Sbrana shared that, “Skinflint is a band that does not follow trends or care what the mainstream has to offer. We have always done our own things and this to me has helped us hone our own unique style.”

In other international reviews, SkinFlint has been featured in UK Rock magazine Metal Hammer, mentioned alongside South African Progressive Metal band Arx, Egyptian band Anarchy and Last Year’s Tragedy from Nairobi as bands gaining a surge of interest in parts of Africa as well as striving to establish themselves as viable heavy metal rock forces.  Brazilian online Rock music site, also gave a positive review of the band and their fourth studio offering. The band is currently working on their 5th studio album, which they indicate is nearly complete. “We are hoping to have it released both locally and internationally between February and March 2014!”

SkinFlint, also known as ‘the three man demolition crew’ was founded in 2005 by lead guitarist/vocalist Giuseppe Sbrana. The band’s lineup currently includes Kebonye Nkoloso on bass and Alessandra Sbrana on the drums.
The band is set to rock out in South Africa end of January from the 31st to the 2nd of February at the Unleash The Beast/6th Emalyth Arts Expo featuring 25 metal bands from around Southern Africa and a wide array of local fine and visual artists.