Smoothies and juice tasting by Health Generation

Botswana’s first and only juice and salad bar, Health Generation located at Airport Junction mall recently hosted a juice and smoothies tasting session to give their health conscious customers a taste of their unique offering.

“Apart from being enjoyable and completely guilt-free, our juices and smoothies are packed with nutrients. The overall health benefits of our juices and smoothies is that they are highly detoxifying and filled with antioxidants which help hydrate, energize and oxygenate the body so that it feels revitalized and refreshed,” said manager of Health Generation, Lesego Matlhware.

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices have gained in popularity world wide with some health-conscious consumers using them as meal replacements, while others drink them as part of “cleansing” diets. Health Generation’s new juice and smoothie line consist of four rich flavors: Green Juice, Carrot Juice, Bloody Mary and Pine-Banana Split.

Health Generation seeks to capitalise on the growing trend of people wanting to live and lead healthy lifestyles. According to Matlhware, they are currently attracting all customers across the spectrum. “We see traffic from the affluent customer who understands the product and is willing to pay and we also see a rising trend with the middle to below middle class consumer who understands the benefits of our product. Lastly generations across board, both old and young have embraced our product. The product is borderless, it’s a health product that does not have color, age, or style.  It’s all about life!” he added.