Swap till you drop:Fashion swap charity party coming up

Clothing swaps have long been a favourite way for environment and budget conscious people to recycle the clothes they no longer want as well as to refresh their closets. Local fashion designer, Kaone Moremong of House of Kay will be hosting the first ever fashion swap charity cocktail party on the 21st of February at Kwa ga Ncinci in the Village.

According to Moremong, the concept is pretty simple; anyone from fashionistas to casual shoppers can participate by bringing garments, shoes and accessories they no longer wear to swap with someone and update their wardrobes without spending money. “This concept came about because I am a fashion designer who deals with women who love clothes. They would  make a dress for an event and after that specific event they no longer want to wear those clothes anymore. Their clothes will keep pilling up and they still say they have nothing to wear in the morning. Some women have clothes that do not fit them anymore because they either gained or lost weight or their style and personality changed. So I am saying those clothes that you haven’t worn over six months bring them to the event to swap for something you might like and I must emphasize that the clothes must be in a good condition to be worn by someone else. Men can also participate in this fashion swap event,” Moremong said.

She went on to say participants use tokens as the officially currency to get clothes. “You then use your tokens to buy items you like. It’s free, fun, you de-clutter and get a wardrobe revamp. All un-swapped left over clothing will be donated to charity. We will be identifying people who really need the clothes but you cannot go back home with the clothes you could not swap. We would also have stylists who would help people shop. I urge people to bring their clothes before the event so we inspect their condition and we are hoping this will be an annual event hosted twice a year for summer and winter clothes,” Moremong added.