The enchanting DJ Cupid

Her eyes light up as the camera flashes, as if to tease the TimeOut photographer, she gives a bright smile. Female Hip Hop and Rhythm and Blues deejay, DJ Cupid, has demonstrated that she can hold her own in the testerone dominated world of Hip Hop disc jockeying.


The 24 year old Laone Moala is a trendy, young woman with a unique style. She is based in Gaborone and primarily plays the Hip Hop, RnB, Dancehall and Dance genres. Oozing confidence and very self-assured, Dj Cupid comes across as knowing exactly what she wants from life. She is an affiliate of SKY Girls Botswana, a life skills development programme for girls.

Disc jockeying has slowly become a musical art form in its own right. With an estimated quarter of a million professional Djs in the world and most of them male, female Hip Hop Djs are hard to come by but the vibrant Maun born has found a niche in that industry. Dj Cupid is an idiosyncratic star who has featured in line ups of Botswana biggest music shows  such as the Summer Explosion, Beach Party, Kocher Nights to name but a few. She also has a 45 minutes show, ‘CHAMPIONS MIX’ every Tuesday between 2100-2145 on Yarona FM, a slot she has held since 2013. Dj Cupid’s big break came in 2010 when she mesmerized her audience with a Hip Hop set at an event hosted by the Notwane Club in Gaborone.

“When I was young, I listened to a lot of Hip Hop and RnB with my father. This inspired me to do something that was hip hop related, but I did not know what exactly. During my freshman years at university, I watched DJs at work, eventually I tried my hand. I volunteered to play at parties. I found the art captivating and I developed myself further and started playing regularly,” she told TimeOut.

One of the major hightlights of Dj Cupid’s career was being invited to perform at the inaugural African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) in Dallas, Texas. She was also nominated for the Best Hip Hop Dj at the Yarona FM Awards (YAMAs). Dj Cupid is currently working on a single to be released this spring through Marked Man record label.
During the August, her birth month, Dj Cupid has a number of events lined up to celebrate her birthday. “My passionate followers should look out for event details coming soon,” she concluded.